Angular Challenge 2019: Results, Questions and Answers!

Just as last year we partnered with EDITx to organize the second Angular Challenge. The online challenge ran from the 25th of March till the 5th of May. The finals were held at the Showpad offices in Ghent on the 15th of May 2018.

Because many participants have been asking for the answers to the questions, we decided to share them publicly to get you warmed up for the next Angular Challenge in 2020!

But first, a huge congratulations to the top 3 participants of the Angular Challenge 2019:

  • 1st place: Ruben Vermeulen

  • 2nd place: Kristof Gilis

  • 3th place: Thomas Vanhoutte

The winners were awarded free tickets for NG-BE 2019.

If you wish to test your Angular knowledge too or review some of the answers, you can take a look at the questions from previous editions:

If you wish to join the Angular Challenge 2020, make sure to follow us on twitter to catch our latest announcements!

TIP: Some questions might be re-used with future Angular versions in upcoming Angular Challenge edition(s). So if you are interested in joining, you can really benefit from reading the document. And even if we don’t reuse any of the existing questions, you probably still would have learned something new! :)