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Access to and use of this website are subject to the general conditions of use set out below. These conditions of use include the legal information regarding the visit and use of the website, a statement regarding intellectual property rights and a reference to the Privacy regulation.

As a visitor, you are kindly requested to read these terms and conditions of use carefully before viewing the website or using it in any way. Through a further visit to the website or through any use thereof, each visitor explicitly agrees to these terms of use. If you experience problems when reading these terms and conditions, or if you do not agree with their content as a user, we ask you not to view or use the website any further.


For the purposes of these terms and conditions of use, the following definitions apply:

  • Website: the web pages that are located on this domain;

  • User, visitor and the derived words: every person who uses or has used the Website and / or view or has a look at it (hereafter, the "Website");

  • Innovatus BVBA, the company incorporated under Belgian law whose details are further included in these conditions.

Legal information

1. The company

This Website is offered online and maintained under the responsibility of Innovatus BVBA, Mechelbaan 72, 2221 Booischot, Belgium, BE 0835 315 795. Email: info@innovatus.be

2. Application area

These conditions of use describe the conditions under which Innovatus BVBA grants access to its Website and the services offered there. If certain conditions of use are dealt with more clearly or in more detail in another regulatory text that also applies, then the provisions of that other text have priority over the content of these Terms and Conditions.

3. Content and use of the Website

As a user, you agree that the use of the Website or information contained therein is solely at your own risk. The Website and all materials are available as they are: "in the current state" and without any guarantees being provided.

Innovatus BVBA makes all reasonable efforts to provide correct and up-to-date information on the website. When Innovatus BVBA is informed of any errors and inaccuracies on their Website, all reasonable means will be used to improve them as quickly as possible. There can be no assurance that despite the reasonable efforts mistakes and mistakes can still occur. However, Innovatus BVBA cannot guarantee that the website is up-to-date and free of errors at all times and in all circumstances. Therefore, the recorded information as a user cannot be blindly trusted. As a user, it is also best to check with the third party concerned from whom the information originates.

Innovatus BVBA can in no case be held liable for a disadvantage that the user would suffer as a result of incorrect, incorrect or inadequate information or as a result of a lack of clarity on the website of Innovatus BVBA or on a website of third parties to which referred. In addition, the user agrees that downloading information or otherwise obtaining information by using the website is at his own discretion and on his own responsibility. As users, they are responsible for any damage to their own computer system and for the loss of data that would result from the downloading of information.

We want to point out to every user that Innovatus BVBA does not play any role in the recruitment process and is not responsible for the form, the content and any errors in the advertisements of the employers, nor for the c.vā€™s of registered users.

As a user, it is therefore agreed that:

  • the Website is of a general nature and does not aim to meet the specific situation of a natural or legal person;

  • the description of a job offer or c.v. is not necessarily complete or exhaustive;

  • sometimes refers to the website of third parties on which Innovatus BVBA has no control and for which it rejects any form of liability;

  • does not imply an offer whereby an agreement can be concluded by mere acceptance of the user.

Consequently, Innovatus BVBA cannot be held liable for any disadvantage that arises when the website is used without taking into account the aforementioned restrictions.

4. Links to external web pages

The website contains links to websites or web pages of third parties. Innovatus BVBA have no influence on the content of those sites and / or pages and therefore cannot be held responsible in any way for their content. When we are informed of any harmful content behind one of the links on the website, the link is immediately investigated and, where necessary, removed.

5. Changes to the Website

Innovatus BVBA has the right to change the information published on the Website at any time and thereby to adjust, update or change the terms of the Terms. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review the terms, conditions, notices and any additional conditions on the Website. If the Website continues to be used after the effective date of the changes, each visitor will indicate that they accept and accept these changes. Moreover, Innovatus BVBA rejects any form of liability for any harmful consequences that may result from the changes made to the content of the website or the Terms and Conditions.

6. Operation of the Website

Innovatus BVBA does its best to make the Website available in an uninterrupted manner (accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day) and to secure it with all reasonable means. Innovatus BVBA does everything that is reasonable to limit inconveniences caused by technical errors. However, Innovatus BVBA cannot exclude the possibility that wrong technical actions or unauthorized interventions take place or that viruses are introduced. That is why Innovatus BVBA cannot guarantee that access to the Website will not be interrupted or otherwise inconvenienced.

Consequently, as a user, Innovatus BVBA cannot be held liable for such errors, functional disorders, incidents and problems that may result from any use of the website or from a third-party website referred to. Moreover, each user recognizes that Innovatus BVBA has the right to suspend access to the site at any time and without prior warning in order to detect or suppress possible cases of abuse or fraud, or to remedy technical or operational disruptions. Such interruptions are necessary to make changes and improvements to the website, as well as to ensure regular technical maintenance and updating of the content. Innovatus BVBA cannot be held responsible for a disadvantage that one suffers from such interruptions.

7. Obligations of the user / visitor

Apart from what is stipulated in the other conditions of use, each user is particularly committed to:

  • use the website as a decent person, i.e. in a manner that is reasonable;

  • not to use the website in a manner contrary to the provisions of these terms of use;

  • prevent by careless use of the website or use with bad intentions in any way detracts from the content of the website, introduces unauthorized changes, functional disorders or a (temporary or permanent) unavailability of the website, or Contributes to any incident that may cause damage to Innovatus BVBA or to third parties;

  • not to use the website for unlawful purposes, violation of good morals or with the aim to damage the reputation of Innovatus BVBA or that of third parties;

  • on the website not to enter other websites, logos, photos or other elements, hyperlinks or connections to other websites without the explicit, written and prior consent of Innovatus BVBA.

When Innovatus BVBA establishes or reasonably suspects that a specific user has violated one of the above provisions (letter a through e) or has violated any other obligation arising from the provisions of the other conditions of use, Innovatus BVBA can use this specific to deny the user access to the website without prior warning.

Intellectual property rights

Each user accepts and acknowledges that the website may contain photographs, videos, white papers, images, graphics, drawings, text and other material (hereinafter "Information") that are protected as intellectual property rights of Innovatus BVBA or of third parties. As a user you get from Innovatus BVBA a non-exclusive right to use the website for personal purposes. This means that the website may be viewed, and the information may be downloaded, that one may take note of this information and that it may reproduce and use it in the normal way in the context of the services offered on the website.

Any permitted use of information means that the source of the information is always stated in a visible and clear manner. Except as stated above, it is not permitted to copy, adapt, translate, sell, lease, lend, share or copy the website (in whatever way or on whatever basis). to create an audience or even derivative works of the aforementioned elements without the explicit written and prior consent of Innovatus BVBA.

Protection of personal data

We take the utmost care in protecting the personal information that is communicated to us. Our privacy policy can also be found on this site.

Contact us

For more explanation or any clarification regarding these conditions of use, please contact Innovatus BVBA: Tel: +32 494 59 44 60 or e-mail: info@innovatus.be

We do our best to resolve misunderstandings, complaints, technical or operational problems related to the website or the quality of its content within a reasonable time.

Legal validity of the conditions of use

The invalidity of one or more provisions from these terms of use shall not affect the validity, applicability and mandatory nature of the other provisions. If one or more provisions on the basis of a law, a regulation or a final decision of a competent court are deemed invalid or declared, the other provisions will retain their unchanged force and scope. The invalid provision is then replaced by a new provision that can as far as possible bring about the original objectives of the invalid provision.

The provisions of these conditions of use are without prejudice to the legal, regulatory or mandatory provisions and the provisions of public order in Belgian or European law. Regarding the applicability of these terms of use and the relationship with the other legal texts drawn up by Innovatus BVBA, we refer to what was described under 2. Scope of application.

Applicable law and competent courts

These conditions of use are governed by Belgian law. The user agrees that it is only the courts and courts of Antwerp, Mechelen that have the authority to take note of this in the event of a dispute with regard to the application or interpretation of the conditions.